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Astypalaia is the place where we were born and raised. Our love for the island and adventure, made us create our own car rental office, Delis Astypalaia Rentals.

We want to give every visitor of Astypalaia the opportunity to discover in their own way and in their own time the beauties of our island.

Giannis, Kyriakos and Katerina are always available to serve you. Knowing the island well from end to end, they will fill your paths with little secrets, suggesting locations and shops that are worth visiting.

Explore Astypalaia with us, financially and safely.

Find beaches with crystal clear waters and taverns of another era.

Experience your vacation on the island and return it in one vehicle from the Delis Astypalaia Rentals.

Delis rent a car astypalaia
Delis rent a car astypalaia

Rent a car at Delis Rentals!

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