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Terms & Conditions

Delis car rentals in Astypalaia

» Driving license:

Greek or national held before at least one year.

» Minimum Lease Time:

One day (24 hours). There is no limit of kilometers.

» Fines & Penalties:

All traffic fines and consequences of administrative sanctions shall be borne by the customer. If the vehicle is returned later than the time agreed or indicated in voucher, supplier will charge you for the delay.

» Pickup Time:

The vehicle will remain available until 2 hours after the agreed time of receipt. You should contact us if you are going to pick it up after the interval.

» Gazoline:

Paid by the lessee. Note: The car models of Aggelidis Rent a car use only unleaded.

» Safety:

Simple insurance to everyone – included in the prices.

CDW covers damage to rental vehicle for amounts from EUR 500.00 and over. For damages up to 500,00 EUR responsibility of the tenant.

» Damages:

The tenant whether it has accepted the CDW obliged to pay any damages or replacement of destroyed tires, wheels, as well as damage to the underside of the rented vehicle.

» Delivery & Pick-up:

Free from / to airport, port and hotels.

» Taxes:

All prices include VAT 24%.

» Availability:

The company reserves the right to change the type of vehicle in exceptional cases.

» Transport by ship:

It is prohibited to load the car on ships without the written consent of DELIS Rent a car.

» Cancellation policy:

If canceled 10 days before the scheduled delivery of the vehicle will be charged. For cancellations made later, the cancellation penalty equal to the amount paid upon booking confirmation.

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Delis car rentals in Astypalaia

Individuals, regardless of nationality, holding a driver's license for at least 12 months at the time of rental and are between 23 and 70 years old.
Upon receipt of the vehicle, the driver must present the Police ID or Passport, European or International Driving License in force for at least 12 months and a VISA, Master Card or American Express Credit Card for warranty reasons.
In case of damage through the fault of the customer, the customer has the obligation to cover the damage or in case of Mixed insurance the share due to him. If the customer is not at fault and another vehicle is responsible then the vehicle that is responsible for our good on the phone stops it and we undertake without any charge. From the moment the vehicle is rented, it is the responsibility of the Signature Customer.
Delis Rent a Car has a Pick Up / Drop Off service and offers you the ability to pick up or return the rental vehicle to selected locations outside our offices (e.g. hotel, port).
You can pay your account anywhere you drop off your vehicle with a card (wireless pos), online bank transfer or cash (up to 500 euros).
In the case of immobilization of your vehicle due to lack of fuel, cracking of the tire or other reason, you can call us at any time(24/7) and we will help you immediately either by transporting you to the desired location or by repairing your vehicle on the spot. This service is free of charge.

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