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The Settlements of Astypalea



Chora and the capital of Astypalea, is one of the most beautiful settlements in the Aegean. Its characteristic white houses with blue door windows are built amphitheatrically on the hillside and extend from the settlement of Pera Gialos to the famous Venetian Castle that dominates the hill.

Chora, specifically the Castle, was the only settlement on the island until the 19th century.

In the main square of the settlement are the 8 traditional windmills of the island that always attract the attention of visitors. Five of them are still in operation.

In addition, Chora offers many options for restaurants, cafes, bars and other shops in the service of its visitors.

Pera Gialos

The settlement of Pera Gialos, which is also the old port of the island, is now almost integrated in the settlement of Chora. The architecture of its houses goes hand in hand with that of Chora and the old port has now been turned into a marina for sailboats and other pleasure boats. The marina is also the starting point of all excursions to the surrounding islands.

In the settlement of Pera Gialos is the homonymous beach around which there are restaurants and other shops.

The settlement also includes the Archaeological Museum of Astypalea, the port authority and the only bank on the island.


The settlement of Livadi is located 2 km from Chora and is mainly a summer resort offering accommodation, traditional restaurants, cafes, bars and most importantly its beautiful beach and stunning views of the imposing settlement of Chora and the Castle.

Behind the coastal settlement extends the cultivated area of Astypalea, a green location full of orchards in which is also located the dam and the artificial lake of the island that collects the waters of the torrents.


The settlement of Maltezana (Analipsi or Martizana), is located on the opposite side of the island from that of Chora and extends around the beautiful homonymous beach. It is a picturesque, quiet settlement whose architecture follows that of the rest of the island. Maltezana offers accommodation, restaurants and various shops to serve guests.

The settlement ranks second on the island in population after Chora and is rumored to have taken its original name, Maltezana, from Maltese pirate ships that ran aground in the bay.

Maltezana is built in a green area that makes it stand out in the beautiful wilderness of the island. Its port is mainly used by fishermen who supply the whole island and this fact gives the settlement an even more picturesque and traditional character.


Vathi is the smallest and quietest settlement on the island and is 21 km from Chora, continuing on the road after Maltezana. It is divided into Mesa Vathi and Exo Vathi and is built in a closed bay reminiscent of a lagoon. The general picture of the settlement is fields, vineyards, some scattered houses, the pier where the fishing boats moor and a traditional tavern.

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